Restaurant Winter Building: Adjacent to the building are 5 parking lots with 200 parking spaces. Modern high-capacity buses can also easily fit into and move around the parking lots. The building includes a wedding hall and large and small lodges which are connected to the hall. VIP rooms are also present. The kitchen is situated on the upper floor of the building, which allows for a full use of the opportunity for natural ventilation. Up to 400 people at a time can be served in this building of the restaurant.

Restaurant Summer Zone:    This is located on the valley on the right bank of the river. Here you can find summer houses, available for varying numbers of visitors. 
The open-air zone of the complex features an open-air kitchen, a bar and a bakery, where fresh lavash is baked on a daily basis. 
There are 3 small river-fed lakes in the open-air zone, where you can fish or paddle, and there is a playground for children. In addition, here, awaiting the visitors is a bear family that has been living and reproducing here for years under the care of the Dzor staff.
Up to 600 people at a time can be served in the summer zone of the restaurant. 2 elevators are available for use in the zone, as well as a cargo ropeway for transporting goods to the open-air kitchen. 
Ashtaraki Dzor has always cooperated with renowned tourist companies by managing the food supply to the tourists visiting Armenia. 
Dzor has extensive experience housing and serving high-ranking officials and honorable people. 
Here, many social, political, professional and other organizations that work in Armenia regularly hold their seminars.

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